Workforce Housing Planning & Commissioning

The largest hindrance to successful business recruitment and retention in the United States is the lack of affordable housing to serve the demand of the workforce. Many homebuilders and communities have ignored the need of moderately priced single-family and multi-family dwelling units in pursuit of “executive housing.” While larger square footage and higher value homes are good for the builder, real estate agent and the individuals who live in such structures, the middle or lower income residents of a community are often neglected despite the probability that these are exactly the people who keep your community moving. Middle-income residents serve your community in careers such as public safety, government staff, retail employees and industrial labor. Sadly, some bureaucrats fail to see the vital importance of “those people.” In all reality, “those people” feed and maintain the economic vibrance of any given community.

DEVCORE has extensive experience in attracting, planning and realizing affordable workforce housing developments. We’d love to discuss the housing needs of your community and establish a plan to better provide for the demands of your labor force.