Why Outsource ED Services?

The intent of DEVCORE is to provide exemplary economic development services to communities who either lack the funds for a full-time economic development staff or have difficulty in attracting a seasoned economic development professional to assure success in the role.

Many smaller communities have poured millions of dollars into economic development programs only to see the efforts of their internal staff erode as comfort and expectations dwindle. Communities often have serious economic development needs, but either cannot afford or engage adequate staffing to achieve the desired outcomes. Frequently, this results in available, yet under-qualified, individuals attempting to achieve remarkable results despite lackluster experience.

DEVCORE’s experienced team is designed to assist your community by providing proven, educated and targeted efforts to truly execute your needs. Our career economic developers have been professionally trained in both practice and through the International Economic Development Council to assure no challenge is too large or too small.

Our approach includes hosting reliable office hours at your location, weekly reports to your governing body or administration, a kick-off session with key decision-makers in your community to establish a clear vision, representing your community at national trade shows, executing business recruitment, business retention, entrepreneurship and workforce housing programs. The skills and experience offered by DEVCORE are available at an affordable level that give your community a fighting chance to attract, retain and cultivate commercial vitality and population.

The value proposition of DEVCORE to your community is simple:

  • Professionally recognized leadership
  • Vast experience with firms from 1 to 1,000 employees
  • Proven experience with retail, office, commercial, industrial, technology, biotech, small business, community marketing/branding, economic development planning and expanding the impressions of communities.
  • A fee-based approach greatly below the cost of full-time staff as healthcare, pension, workers compensation costs and ancillary benefits are abated. This is often a 20% – 30% premium that doesn’t yield a positive impact to your bottom line.

Allow our team to lead or supplement your economic development efforts in a manner that yields Real, Relevant and Tangible results to progress your community toward a sustainable future!